Trucks @ Twenthe

Trucks @ Twenthe

Trucks @ Twenthe
Trucks @ Twenthe The Biggest Truck Show in the East!
For a weekend everything that has to do with trucks.
Organized by the Tukker Truckers.
Location: De Strip Vliegveld Twenthe 17 and 18 September 2021 Set up trucks Friday 10 September from 3.30 pm Truck election in several categories.
Horecaplein Various Demos small play area for children.
There is background music on Saturday.
Entrance fee for visitors € 6.50 per day Kids up to 12 years free Participation Truck + Driver for the entire weekend € 55.00
Includes 2x breakfast and BBQ
A Passenger costs € 45.00 for the entire weekend
Includes 2x breakfast and BBQ
For more information email:


Trucks @ Twenthe

What can you expect:

What can you expect:

Arrival on Friday from 3.30 pm.

A unique location.
A good Twente atmosphere.
Food and drinks are available on Fridays. (own cost)
Use toilets and showers.
2 x breakfast from 8 a.m. to 10.30 a.m. (if you come on a Saturday morning, there is still the possibility to have breakfast until 10.30)
Breakfast will consist of coffee, tea, milk, bread, eggs, confectionery and cold cuts.
Arrival Saturday morning before 9.30 am.
There is a BBQ on Saturday evening. The BBQ will consist of packages with 3 pieces of meat, furthermore there are unlimited salads and bread as side dishes.
Twenthe Events Airport will provide the entire catering. Bringing your own food and drinks is not allowed.
Entertainment for young and old.
Departure on Sunday afternoon from 4 p.m. (this in connection with the safety of visitors)

Reminder. This event is allowed with restrictions by the government because of the covid pandemic.

Security will look if everything is going according the roles (No group formation allowed.)


Clubblad Maart 2021

Club blad “De Knalpiep”

Here is the latest version of our club magazine:

(Dutch version)

Trucks @ Twenthe @ The Strip


Here you can find the form to register trucks@Twenthe as a participant

Upon receipt, you will receive a registration confirmation from us and the details regarding the payment.
You must transfer the amount yourself.

If you haven’t been selected for participation, you’ll get the money back.

If there are too many registrations we will draw lots, members of the Tukker Truckers will be given priority.

Participation is only possible if you have received a participation confirmation from us and the payment has been paid.

Shortly before the event you will receive the necessary documents from us.

By completing this form, you give De Tukker Truckers permission to manage your data, and you agree to the terms and conditions.



  • Entering the event site is entirely at your own risk, this money for both visitors and participants.
  • Trailers and trailers are not allowed this weekend unless otherwise agreed with the organization.
  • Bringing your own food/drinks is not allowed.
  • No alcohol is served under the age of 18! In case of doubt, valid identification can be requested.
  • Open fires in any form are strictly prohibited. Placing party tents and bringing your own BBQ is not allowed.
  • Waste must be deposited in the appropriate waste bins.
  • Instructions by the Trucks @ Twenthe organization or people working for the organization must be followed at all times. Of course, this also applies to instructions from the Police, Fire Brigade and Ambulance.
  • Persons driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs will be handed over to the police!
  • In case of violence, threats, destruction, theft, and drug possession, the police will immediately be called in!
  • The organization cannot be held liable for damage, loss, theft, etc. of / or objects from/to the vehicle.
  • All daily social norms and values ​​apply to the event site. Threatening and using violence, making discriminatory comments in word and/or gesture, sexual harassment, will not be tolerated.
  • Visitors and participants must respect nature and the environment, because the event takes place in a nature reserve, we ask everyone to keep the horns to a minimum. It is not allowed to horn the horn and use high beam between 00:00 and 08:00, this also applies to loud music of course.
  • It is not allowed to smoke in closed rooms, this also applies to smoking an e-smoker.
  • Violations of the above rules can lead to expulsion from the event site. In case of serious violations, the organization reserves the right to call in the police!
  • On Friday 10 September it is possible to come to the event site with your truck from 3.30 pm.
  • For the safety of all attendees, it is NOT allowed to leave before 4 pm on Sunday 12 September.
  • Everyone who enters the event site gives permission to make a video, photo, and sound recordings where the visitor/participant may appear in or on.
  • In situations where the house rules do not provide, the organization decides on possible measures to be taken.
  • By entering the event area you agree to all the above rules.
  • If you have any questions or problems, please contact the organization.
  • Reminder. This event is allowed with restrictions by the government because of the covid pandemic.
    Security will look if everything is going according the roles (No group formation allowed.)
    Keep 1,5 meter away from each other

We wish everyone a nice weekend.



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